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I'm Stephen Porter, a video producer and photographer based in San Francisco, CA. I create digital media for the web that's search-engine optimized, so that you and your business are more likely to get found when people search the internet for keywords in your industry. I do this by combining the technical aspects of SEO with visually appealing content. This way you get the best of both worlds: artistic content that's also technically sound and effective. Read more...


Aglaya Shadrina
San Francisco, CA

Stephen is an extremely talented person! He is very outgoing, friendly and easy person to work with. He definitely knows how to manage the project and get the most out of it. He is efficient and does everything to complete the project in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend to work with Stephen. I am sure you will be happy to meet and collaborate with this artist.

Oxana B.
Menlo Park, CA

Stephen Porter Production one of the best and most professional in Bay Area. Amazing eye for details and great personality. Perfect captures. Thank you!

Kirsten Johnson
San Francisco, CA

Stephen was a joy to work with and the pictures turned out great thanks to his keen creative talents and expertise. I also appreciated his enthusiastic energy, humor and vision for the photos as we shot in various locations. If you're looking for great pictures for your online presence, Stephen is your guy.

Diana Romanovska
San Francisco, CA

Stephen is extremely easy to work with, very friendly and professional. He's very good at finding the perfect places to take pictures. I love the backgrounds and places he chooses, and the lighting is always fantastic. I have worked with Stephen to create videos for my business as well. He's extremely knowledgable in both areas, photo and video. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to work with a talented professional for photos and video.

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