Aglaya - Piano by Stephen Porter

August, 2013

Agalya is a life style model in San Francisco, CA. She's also an accomplished runway model and she's modeled a lot of high fashion while living in other places like New York and St. Petersburg Russia. In San Francisco, however, most of the companies are looking for lifestyle images - photos like you'd see in the Gap or Levi's ads where people are outside in nature. This video was intended to showcase her abilities as a lifestyle model.

Client Testimonial

San Francisco, CA

"Stephen is extremely talented person! I am Scout agency represented model and I have extensive experience modeling runway and high fashion. When I moved to San Francisco I needed to update my portfolio because companies here want to see "life style" images, like people in the Gap and Levi's ads.

Stephen understood what I needed and I was so happy with the result of our collaboration! The video turned out to be epic! Stephen is also composing and he surprising me with writing a music for this video!

At first, he is very outgoing, friendly and easy person to work with,second-he definitely knows how to manage the project and get the most out of it. He efficient and do everything to complete the project in time manner. I would definitely recommend to work with Stephen. I am sure you will be happy to meet and collaborate with this artist."

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I'm Stephen Porter, a video producer and photographer based in San Francisco, CA. I create digital media for the web that's search-engine optimized, so that you and your business are more likely to get found when people search the internet for keywords in your industry. I do this by combining the technical aspects of SEO with visually appealing content. This way you get the best of both worlds: artistic content that's also technically sound and effective. Read more...

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