Elizabeth Gibbons

September, 2014

Elizabeth Gibbons is an artist in San Francisco, CA. She has a unique approach to painting that embodies the mind, body and soul. She teaches her process in classroom settings and on-line. She asked me to create a marketing video that would give an introduction to her technique and some background on herself, so that people would know more about where her art comes from.

Client Testimonial

Elizabeth Gibbons
San Francisco, CA

"Working with Stephen Porter has been an honor, a great pleasure and a blessing. His aesthetic is both artistic and soulful, his cinematography is beautiful and subtly created in a very thoughtful and thorough manner. He is easy to work with and immediately helped me to feel comfortable in front of the camera although normally I am not. I truly appreciated his care and the depth that he brought to the project, spending a lot of time before filming, truly understanding my vision and the message I wanted to communicate. He truly listened and then used all his skills, his intuition, his deep commitment and caring, to bring my vision to life.

It was easy to communicate with Stephen and I appreciated how we were able to collaborate and share ideas in a graceful and clear manner. I have struggled in the past to bring my vision to life and it is a rare gift and talent for someone to be able to translate an artistic vision into images, music and a script that truly captures the essence of the artist. Stephen has this gift and was able to create a professional, meaningful, artistic, soulful video that shares who I am in less than 3 minutes. A magnificent accomplishment. If you have the chance to work with Stephen, grab it, because he will take your business to a new level and you will enjoy the process!!"

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