Square Meals - SF Meal Delivery

September, 2013

Square Meals is a Meal Delivery service in San Francisco, CA. They have a unique service that prepares fresh, healthy meals daily and delivers them to their customers. Their owner requested a video that explained how their service worked and how to sign up on the website. I put together the concept, script, filmed and produced the entire video from start to finish.

Client Testimonial

Alison Mountford
Owner, Square Meals

"Working with Stephen was a cinch. ALSO - my video is incredible (google it - Square Meals)!! We've received rave reviews from existing customers and from new customers who watched it before ordering from us. Stephen makes the process easy and smooth.. and didn't require business to come to a halt. He also took still photos for us and is able to freeze your video and make sections of it into high res photos! Awesome!"

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I'm Stephen Porter, a video producer and photographer based in San Francisco, CA. I create digital media for the web that's search-engine optimized, so that you and your business are more likely to get found when people search the internet for keywords in your industry. I do this by combining the technical aspects of SEO with visually appealing content. This way you get the best of both worlds: artistic content that's also technically sound and effective. Read more...

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